Pencil fighting started in the schoolyards, but most experienced Pencil fighters dropped the sport upon graduation. Only the truly dedicated went on to the Pro Leagues and risked all for the chance to call themselves champion. Many organizations and leagues formed, each claiming to be home to the real Pencil Fighting champion…UPF…WCCPFC…WWPFW, but the true fan’s choice and gold standard for Pencil Fighting was always the WPFL. In 1995 longtime WPFL owner Silas Ticonderoga III sold the company to his oldest son Silas Ticonderoga IV, who took it to the “Extreme” and rechristened it WXPFL. This move angered and alienated longtime fans, but opened up Pencil fighting to a whole new generation of young fans. These Extreme Pencil Fighters – now called “Gra-fighters” – are now touring the world and bringing the splintered wood and bloody knuckles of Pro Pencil Fighting straight to you!

The WXPFL tournament series is a traveling event that brings the sport of Pencil Fighting to cities throughout the world. They are based out of Seattle, and the tournament returns to Seattle for quarterly events. To find out more about The WXPFL or to request The WXPFL to visit your town or compete at your event, please contact Prof. Jake Stratton at bloodhag@yahoo.com.


  1. i want to play

    • Keep checking here or like our page on facebook and keep up with the shows, come be part of our audience and get your chance to compete in our regular Last Pencil Standing tournament for a WXPFL title shot!

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