Wow! It’s been a while since i’ve posted here on the original site, the Facebook page and group have taken precedence for quite some time. Like, a year. Still can’t get the hang of Twitter either. Anyway, here’s all the most current WXPFL news, on the eve of the 1 year anniversary episode of WXPFL Thursday Night Pencil Fights at the Re-Bar!


With the contendership for WXPFL champion being primarily determined by tournament, we have decided to replace the old contendership rankings with The Ticonderoga Top Ten. Every month, Silas Ticonderoga IV and various gaming officials will determine  the top ten power players in the WXPFL, based on win/loss record, audience response and sportsmanship.

1. The San Juan Island Savage

2. The Librarian

3. Balls Deep

4. The Graphite Sheik

5. The Yellow Dragon

6. The Bird

7. Dr. Nefarious

8. Han Sanitizer, Germaphobic Spaceman

9. The Hundred Dollar Man Thaddeus P. Skrilla

10. Jimmie Asshole