We had a packed house for the debut of WXPFL Extreme Pencil Fighting “Thursday Night Pencil Fights” at the Re-Bar, and the press was there! KING5 Evening Magazine was there to cover the action! Their segment on the WXPFL will air on Feb. 28th, set your DVRs!


The Asshole Brothers were defeated by The Balls Brothers in the Battle of the Perineum, but it was close (about 3-4 inches away). Nothing has been resolved between these two factions, and on top of the match itself, the Asshole Brothers managed to injure our newest referee in their patented cloud of mayhem.

Thaddeus P. Skrilla was trounced by Ronald McFondle after an astounding brawl throughout the Re-Bar in their Pencils Break Anywhere match. From the walk-in freezer, to standing on the bar, to the photo booth, to diving off the DJ booth, no place was safe! Now Skrilla can never reclaim his hundred dollar fortune, which McFondle has promised to squander on clown cosmetics and cocaine. What will become of the Hundred Dollar Man without his hundred dollars?

VALTRON 3000 is your new #1 contender! Valtron has successfully made the switch from Roller Derby to Pencil Fighting by winning the Lottery of Lead tournament, knocking the San Juan Island Savage (operating under the control of The Asshole Brothers) out of the tourney. Now Valtron 3000 will face Harry Balls for the WXPFL Championship at the March show!

In drink special news, “The Don Rumble” (a shot and a tallboy) outsold “The Professor” (a gin & tonic) three to one.

Keep checking back here for all the news and updates as WXPFL knuckles up for victory every month!