(Pencil) Breaking News! WXPFL Championships X: SPLINTERED Thu. Nov. 17

The WXPFL World Extreme Pencil Fighting League returns to the Rendezvous for the final WXPFL Championships of 2011!
Plus: before the event, don’t miss a book signing by Sol Neelman, promoting his new book Weird Sports (featuring the WXPFL). Joining Sol will be Roller Derby legend Rettig 2 Rumble!


THURSDAY NOV. 17 10pm $8 21+
2322 2nd ave. Seattle

The schoolyard sport of Pencil Fighting goes pro! Pencil vs. Pencil until somebody breaks!

Sol Neelman book signing starts at 8pm in the main bar. Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Weird-Sports-The-Book-de-la-Sol-Neelman/156338887746506?ref=ts for more details on Sol’s amazing book!

Ronald McFondle vs “The Hundred Dollar Man” Thaddeus P. Skrilla championship rematch in a deadly Iron Pencil Match! Both the WXPFL championship and Skrilla’s Hundred Dollar Fortune are on the line, as they compete to see who can break the most opponent pencils in 5 minutes!

The Lottery of Lead:
This is another chapter in our main WXPFL tournament for prizes and a title shot at the next event. Two fighters start, and when one loses, another fighter enters. How long can you last? What will be your entry number? Both WXPFL Pro Gra-Fighters and audience members are eligible to fight.

What’s happened to the San Juan Island Savage?
At WXPFL IX, Team Asshole bested Team Savage in a Pencil Pack Challenge match, and in accordance with the stipulations, Chief Anakortes Orkas has had to become a member of The Asshole Brothers and undergo an “Asshole Makeover”. No one has seen The Savage or The Asshole Brothers since then, and the questions remains: what has become of the San Juan Island Savage?

Hosted by Professor Jake Stratton (BloodHag, Grudge Rock, Rat City Rollergirls) and Pencil Fighting legend Don “Beauty” Rumble.

See all your favorite Pro Gra-Fighters in action, then step up to face them pencil a pencil!
Don’t miss WXPFL X: SPLINTERED on Thursday, November 17th!


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  2. […] City, Sol had a two-fold mission: to distribute his new “Weird Sports” photo books at Xtreme Pencil Fighting Championships and to participate in Chip Litherland’s FOCUSED […]

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