Pabst Blue Ribbon presents:
Friday June 17th
The Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre
10pm $7 21+

At the end of WXPFL VIII, The Asshole Brothers issued an open challenge to the WXPFL roster, claiming that The Assholes and their Entourage could beat any Gra-Fighter alive.
Their longtime foe Chief Anakortes Orkas “The San Juan Island Savage” was quick to accept this challenge, and WXPFL Owner Silas Ticonderoga IV has declared that WXPFL IX: UNBROKEN will make this challenge happen – in the form of a Pencil Pack Tag Match!

A Pencil Pack Tag Match pits two teams of 4 or 5 Gra-Fighters from the WXPFL Roster in a tag elimination match. Two fighters face each other at a time. A fighter can tag out at any time, and if a fighter is defeated they must head to the locker room. The teams continue until one team has no fighters left.

Not only will we see Team Asshole vs. Team Savage, we will also have a Pencil Pack Tag Match between teams representing our WXPFL Champion Thaddeus P. Skrilla “The Hundred Dollar Man” and our #1 Contender Ronald McFondle!

Skrilla has vowed to assemble the best team of hired guns his fortune can buy, and McFondle has promised to staff the new McFondle Inc. with the sleaziest Gra-Fighters to ever swing cedar.

If Team Asshole wins, Savage must join Thee Entourage and get an Asshole Makeover.
If Team Savage wins, one of the Asshole brothers must become the Savage’s personal slave.

If Team Clown wins, McFondle and friends get Skrilla’s entire $100 fortune.
If Team Skrilla wins, Skrilla wins the lucrative publishing rights to all the songs on McFondle & Billy the Fridge’s “The Clown and The Mountain” CD.

PLUS: The Pencilmania Open Audience Tournament returns! Audience members battle each other for a WXPFL contract to become the newest WXPFL Pro Gra-Fighter!

Who will join Team Savage to try to shut Team Asshole up once and for all?
Who will sell their striking arm to Team Skrilla?
Who will fight alongside The Clown and The Mountain – Billy The Fridge and Ronald McFondle?
Who will be the newest audience member to become a WXPFL Superstar?

Find out the answer at WXPFL IX: UNBROKEN – Friday June 17 2011 at The Rendezvous in Seattle!