WXPFL GRA-FIGHTER PROFILE: Chief Anakortes Orkas “The San Juan Island Savage”

Abandoned as a child in the misty jungles of the San Juan Islands, he was found and raised by a tribe of Granolas, learning their ancient ways of hunting, pencil fighting, recumbent bike riding, recycling, composting and Phish concert attending. Through his bravery in defending the tribe from outsiders, the child eventually rose to become the High Chief of the tribe, assuming the title High Chief Anakortes Orkas and earning a reputation in the outside world as a fearsome Pencil Fighter. This attracted the attention of WXPFL owner Silas Ticonderoga who worked tirelessly to recruit the wary Orkas to the ranks of the WXPFL. Ticonderoga won out, and the Savage’s cedar-swinging skills were bought for a reported truckload of hemp necklaces and Kindles. Upon entering the WXPFL the proud Savage immediately butted heads with The Asshole Brothers and has been embroiled in a long-standing feud with the Assholes and their entourage.

The San Juan Island Savage's bestial stare!

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