Two-time WXPFL champion The Bird is indeed “the word”, his name on everyone’s lips and his face on every sports magaizne in the country, but who is this mysterious man? Who is the face behind the mask of the “Master of the Middle Finger from Monterrey Mexico”?

“The Bird flips, The Bird flies, The Bird beats up dudes twice his size!” is the only quote this reporter could get when quizzing The Bird about his past prior to coming to the WXPFL. With no history and no information from the man himself, we are left with his actions in the WXPFL ring. His varied catalog of pencil strikes is only matched by his collection of specialty flip-offs: The Fisherman, The Lawnmower, The Sit N’ Spin, The Abracadabra, every imaginable variation of the middle finger salute. One thing is for sure, for The Bird, a middle finger is his preferred form of communication. For him a middle finger is like “Aloha”. It means both hello and goodbye. For him it can just as easily mean “Fuck Yeah” as “Fuck You”.

At WXPFL I, The Bird fought his way through the top competitors in the game to become WXPFL Champion. At WXPFL II: Lead Poisoning he waited as seated champion and finally defeated The Lepre-Con in the final seconds of the championship match. In November 2009 questions were answered and critics were silenced as The Bird outmaneuvered The Yellow Dragon in the finals of WXPFL III: Breaking Point and became the first ever three-time WXPFL Champion! Can the beleaguered pencil of the Bird survive another battle?

Everybody's heard about The Bird!

Everybody's heard about The Bird!

Photo by Vicki Bracken.

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