When SSP Wrestling was forced underground by the WA. DOL, several of their former champions and main event superstars joined the WXPFL for the thrill of competition and to keep in top physical condition for when SSP rises again.

SSP has been reborn as SST, but the taste for Pencil Fighting is not easily satiated. Fighting for the thrill of competition is former SST Pacific Middleweight Champion and head of the class of the Handsome Boy Wrestling School “Big Time” Bill Bates.

Making a big time impression with his flashy entrances and shorty-short trunks, he soon made a bigger impression as a Gra-Fighter willing to do whatever it took to win. Showing disdain for the fans and even greater disdain for the rules, Bates resorted to chicanery whenever possible in every one of his matches in the last two tournaments. Bate’s blatant rule-breaking threatens to overshadow his formidable abilities as a Gra-Fighter. An athlete who prides himself on his chiseled physique, he possesses a powerful strike and an uncanny ability to hit the same spot on the defending pencil again and again.

Bates has repeatedly stated that an elbow injury sustained at WXPFL I led to his second-round defeat at WXPFL II: Lead Poisoning. His repeated attempts to cheat during WXPFL III led to his immediate dismissal and indefinite suspension of Bill Bates from active competition.

"Big Time" Bill Bates

Photo by Vicki Bracken.


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  1. See, what a lot of people don’t understand is that Handsome Boy Wrestling School is an actual school. Most people just aren’t allowed to know where it is. How to get there is a formula that only two living people know. And everyone who used to know conveniently lost their memories in a fire. That’s how fire works, right?

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