When SSP Wrestling was forced underground by the WA. DOL, several of their former champions and main event superstars joined the WXPFL for the thrill of competition and to keep in top physical condition for when SSP rises again.

Ronald McFondle is not just the drunken, pilled up and pedophiliac clown prince of wrestling, he’s also the highly-paid CEO and Corporate Mascot of McFondle Inc., the fastest growing, least nutritious fast food chain in the world.

Without SSP to occupy him, McFondle’s had a lot of free time. To keep him from wandering the halls, barging into board meetings and giving the shocker to stray attorneys, the McFondle Inc. board members have signed him up for the big leagues of Pencil Fighting, the WXPFL.

McFondle made his debut at WXPFL II: Lead Poisoning and was defeated in a breathtaking first round fight by The Yellow Dragon. His swaying, staggering style kept her off-balance and forced the match to a time-limit penalty strike conclusion. Though he lost his debut match, McFondle has sworn to one day be the WXPFL champion!

Ronald McFondle can also be seen as part of the cast of “Get Loweded” (third fridays at The Re-Bar), one of the best variety shows in Seattle.

Ronald McFondle prepares to defend against The Yellow Dragon's penalty strike.

Ronald McFondle prepares to defend against The Yellow Dragon's penalty strike.

Photo by Vicki Bracken.


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  1. I’ve been busy training on playgrounds all over North America for my return.Not only have I learned some new tricks bit met some new ladies too!
    Let’s just say I got hoes in different area codes!

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